Location: Järfälla, Stockholm North, Sweden Venue type: Apartment hotel Profile: No profile
Capacity in the largest conference room Number of group rooms Capacity in the restaurant Number of hotel rooms 69 Number of hotel beds

We are an apartment hotel with a home feeling. The hotel is located on the Veddesta industrial park in the municipality of Järfälla.

Our mission is to give the term temporary accommodation a whole new meaning and to transform this way of living. Therefore, we offer both a home and a hotel. With us, you can have the best of both worlds!

At HOOM Home & Hotel you live in your own apartment, as if you were at home but you also stay at a hotel, all at one and the same time. Comfortable, practical and qualitative, all set in a modern and stylish apartment hotel. Stay for one night or several months if you wish. Your needs are most important for us and our price to you will reflect the length of time you plan to stay.

Bruttovägen 15
17543 Järfälla