Conference and hotel chains

Our best conference and hotel chains. Whether you are looking for a conference facility, a city weekend hotel, or a visit to a relaxing spa hotel, you will find with us a selection of large, well-known hotel chains as well as slightly smaller personal hotel chains. Here's our top 10 list for conference and hotel chains!

Make every event a success in unique venues in perfect locations. We believe that every moment counts and are as dedicated as you to creating a successful event.
  • 1100 hotels worldwide
  • Personal, professional and memorable meetings
  • Carbon-neutral meetings
Nordic Choice Hotel's meeting rooms are located in over 100 destinations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Lithuania. From Malmö and Copenhagen in the south to Tromsø in the north. From Bergen in the west to Helsinki in the east - and everything in between!
  • Safe conferences and meetings
  • Greater flexibility at meetings and conferences
  • Premises at more than 100 destinations
Our experienced meeting advisors are by your side from the first meeting until departure. We are happy to help boost the event with a fun activity, lecture, delicious lunch, dinner or after work.
  • Modern premises for all occasions
  • Delicious meals
  • Top class service
With over 60 years of experience, we know how to create a successful meeting. Our inspiring hotel environments and our good food will keep both energy levels and motivation up.
  • Offers meetings from two up to 2000 people
  • Hotel industry's leading sustainability program
  • The Nordic region's largest hotel operator
Powerpoint professionals, spa elite or training expert? Book a kickoff, training weekend, or maybe a bowling evening with colleagues at one of our 150 equally different hotels.
  • 150 hotels in Scandinavia
  • Sweden's most nationwide chain, more than 100
  • Small & large hotels, centrally or close to nature
Between Dalarna and Skåne you will find Countryside Hotel's historic and natural hotels in castles, mansions, guest houses, inns, inns and design hotels. Common to all is the good food, the beautiful environment and the personal atmosphere.
  • Safe meetings, exclusive & close to nature
  • Corona safe conference
  • Conference in Sweden's most beautiful places
First Hotels has the capacity to welcome more than 8000 conference and meeting guests. We offer modern and unique meeting rooms, good conference facilities, personal service and tailor arrangements to you and your wishes.
  • A safe meeting experience
  • 33 unique hotels with modern comfort
  • Central hotels throughout Scandinavia
Nordic Hotels & Resort's vision is to enrich people with long-lasting impressions. We will do this by creating destinations with great variety and personality, as opposed to the experience of standard hotel chains.
  • 26 City Hotels, 14 Spa Resorts & 38 Restaurants
  • One of the largest hotel groups in the Nordic
  • Safe Environment
At ProfilHotels, you always live in the middle of the city, with the city's pulse just outside. When you step over the threshold, we want you to immediately notice that we have made an effort. The style, atmosphere and light work together to create an environment where we hope you will thrive and feel welcome.
  • Unique environments in Sweden, Denmark and Germany
  • Well-packaged and affordable meeting options
  • Here, your well-being has the highest priority
We are an exclusive offer for the conference market in the Stockholm area. With three locations close to the lake and two close to the city, you as a conference booker can find the environment and the conditions that best suit your meeting.
  • Exclusive offer for the conference market
  • Solutions for digital and streamed meetings
  • Safe meeting with us, with covid-19 quick test