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How can this service be free of charge?
- We work as an agency for the facilities and get paid through commission on bookings.

What advantages are there when dialing in a booking?
- Through a direct dialog we can easily get a good view about your requests.

Who invoices us for the conference?
- You get the invoice directly from the facility.

From who do I get the definitive acknowledgment from?
- You will recieve it directly from the facility. It is of great importants that you read through, sign and return it to the facility.

How long does it take before I get some proposals on facilities?
- Our goal is to present appropriate alternetives within a few days.

Can I book a party through B&B?
- Yes. We have a good overview on party premises and arrangements, and we have various collaborative partners who can solve this matter for you.

Can B&B also take on the arrangement of a conference?
- We are primarily focused on the actual booking of facilities, but when it comes to arrangements, we have collaborative partners that can solve this matter for you.

What does B&B mean?
- B&B was formed in 1988 by Berit Innergård and Birgitta Åberg, thereof the name.
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