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To arrange a conference is in rule a big investment for a company. One has costs for both the conference and that hour of work that to be taken in pretensions. The choice of facility where the conference will be held is crucial if the outcome will be successful. In this task our company can be of your assistance.

Over 15 years of experience
We have been active in the conference sector for over fifteen years and have during this time got a good overview over the big range on this quite complicated market and we have helped many pleased customers. When you contact us you will save a lot of time and workload searching facilities.

Personal relationship and good quality
We strive for a near and personal relationship to our customers in order to best meet up to their wishes and needs. Our endeavor is to find proposals on facilities that have good quality as regarding premises, food, lodging, activities etc. Therefore, we put a big effort in visiting facilities, to follow with in trade press and to go on trade fairs.

Quality evaluation
Another important issue is that we follow up our customers experiences with a quality evaluation, something that facilities are aware of and takes part of. A big advantage is that we are independent from those different associations that exists and works in the hotel and conference market.

Increased reservations
In the late years the reservations on the conference market has increased considerable, which has contributed to difficulties in booking conferences. For us it is important to immediately treat those bookings we receive from our customers in order to find good alternatives. Since we have contact with many facilities daily, we have a good picture of the booking situation at the same time as we receive reports about unbooked times, which makes our search easier.

Be in time
Our objective is to give proposals in the near days. A council that we gladly give our customers are to be out in as good time as possible. Then, we have good conditions to find and to reserve the facility that fits your conference. But we will also give our best effort to find a facility in short notice.

Our specialty
To reserve course estate and palace have become our speciality. But we works over the whole spectrum of conference facilities that also includes hotels, conference facilities, ski resort, cruises ect. We have also other important contacts within this sector such as, conference organizers, activity carries out, party fixers, bus companies etc.

Free of charge service
Our service is free of charge. The reason that we can offer this service without any cost is that we receive
commission from those facilities that we book our customers on. We are anxious about having a long-term relationship and strives therefore to find best value for the customers money as possible. We give also advice about how one can to cut down the cost for the conference.

The funny part of the booking process
The funniest part when arranging a conference is to choose between different facilities, composes menu, plan various activities ect. This is nothing we will take away from you. The function we want to fulfil is to be your helping hand so that you on a smooth way can arrange a successful conference. We provide you with folders, price lists, menu proposals, lists on activities etc. - all this in order to facilitate your choices. Before you decide yourself, it can be good to visit the facilities - then we gladly help providing with the contact.
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