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Why advertise on is the web site for all people that are to book conferences in Sweden or a neighboring country. With our search tools they find what they search for directly and are guided straight into your own web sites. This powerful search tool is complemented with traditional conference consultancy and booking service.

Our search tool is designed by our own professional conference bookings staff. The objective is to offer all our visitors a specially designed search tool that will let them find links fast and easy to almost all operators within the conference sector. And it is your own web sites that we present to our visitor in this search tool!

It is no doubt that Internet will be the main channel for people searching conference facilities and you need to be visible! By advertising on you will be placed on a higher level in our search lists and you are also given the possibility to highlight to our many visitors why they shall continue into your web site. is a well established search page for conference facilities on the Internet and we had about 40000 visitors during 2010. We have just recently taken the step in improving our web site even further. Our web address is self explanatory, when somebody enters ( then their intentions are already very clear! Our many foreign visitors find their way into our web page using and for them the page is presented in English. For all ads we offer both Swedish and English texts so that you are able to reach all our visitors.

To get as many as possible that are about to search for conference facilities, hotels, activities, travels etc. to visit our web site we have a number of very good web addresses that will lead them into our page. This is some examples:, .com,
Kursgå, .nu
Konferensanlä, .nu
Konferensarrangö, .nu
Festarrangö, .nu, .nu
Turistbyrå, .nu, .com
Resebyrå, .nu, .com

To register your ad is very easy, read more about that here.

But your company books also conferences and with this set-up many visitors will book directly through our facility, how does that add up? This is a question many ask us. The thing is that there are many people that like to do their reservations by themselves and that will continue to do so irrespective of our set-up and services.
To book conference is funny, we know, and our search tool is particularly aimed to all those that like to do this work themselves. So if they like to use our search tool in their work then we are only happy to be able to provide it for them. This also means that you that advertise can feel that you can get a good payback of your invested money as the booking will go directly to you. As regards those visitors that nevertheless chooses to use our booking service then we will get paid for that work we puts down on classic sensible via provision.

We that provide this web site are B&B Konferensbokning AB and our company has many commitment years within the Swedish conference sector. Our vision is that will reinforce a position as the leading conference portal in Sweden.

We hope for a good partnership on the conference market place.

Berit Innergård, CEO
B&B Konferensbokning AB
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