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Let us at B&B Konferensbokning AB be your helping hand in the conference world.
To go on a conference can be an of this years highlights for the personnel on a company. To go to a new and stimulating environment where one can conference, learn something new and socializes on a relaxed way gives variety in the average life. Companies often wants to strengthen the team spirit within the company with different activities that give the conference alittle additional spice. In order for a conference to become successful and to give the participants a push, good planning and a lot of work is required. The crucial factor, apart from a good content, is to choose the correct facility for the correct conference occasion. It is in this process of gathering appropriate facilities for your conference that we can be of service.

 Berit Innergård Finding the correct facility for your conference is not always easy. One tries to examine your memory, asks colleagues, flip a little in the telephone folder or search on the Internet. Gradually perhaps one finds a place that seems perfect. But when one contacts that place you are told that it is full reserved during that time one thought itself. Back on square one again! Perhaps, you recogniza this scenario?

But there is a convenient solution to this problem, to engage external expertise. To engage consultancy services unfortunately often result in rather expensive bills, but not in this case. The reason for that is that we work against commission from the facilities.

Here, we would like to point out that we are anxious about having a long-term relationship with our customers. Therefore, we always suggest sensible, economic alternatives. To engage B&B is not only important from a quality aspect, it also saves you some time and trouble, not having to dial around and chase facilities randomly. Instead, you dial us at B&B. We have valuable experience, a good overview and good partners.

We will gladly be your helping hand on the conference market. With hopes of a good cooperation in the future.

Berit Innergård (MD)

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